Music is different for different people: Ian Skelly, author of the article “Speech of Beauty”, above all, music has a transcendental significance captured in patterns of beauty of nature and architecture – a kind of “frozen music”; In Mark Kidel, author of ‘Conversations and Crosses’ music can connect cultures in a universal ‘conversation’ that surpasses the intellect or reason, but is sincere; To Brian Eno, music brings joy to its unexpected and beautiful; And singers / composers like me and Howard Milner, music – and singing in particular, – lead us to a different world: a world beyond ourselves and the ego; A place of emotion that touches the soul.

I present an overview of the perceptive world of music: it seems to me that the question has no definitive answer, because although music can be defined in mechanistic terms as “What music?” Vibrations are detected by the organ of Corti and assimilated by the cerebral cortex in what we understand, this is still only half the story.

It is no coincidence that the Latin word for breathing – this prerequisite for music – is spiritue because music invokes the spirit in us. It is of the mind and is so universal, otherwise mundane, nebulous and moving freely. What a wonderful gift for humanity.

I always remember, music was an accompaniment to my life. It would be impossible for me even to try to conceptualize a world without music. If you have a natural aptitude and appreciation for it, then the music attracts and simply connects. Watching a baby nodded, clapping and jumping in response to a rhythm or melody.

Songs in particular contain something profoundly elemental. The singer is actually “become” the instrument or vehicle of communication and expression. With the combination of voice, lyrics content and poetic structure, melody, rhythm, hue tonal qualities combine and phrases in the breath, singers can transmit and translate thoughts and feelings, potentially uplifting and transporting the singer and The listener to another kingdom. Music can really take us to another dimension.

Music also tells stories, breaks hearts, reduces us to cry or seduces us to fall in love again and again. Music is a universal language. A human creation from a divine source … maybe.

Music is a mystery, a code. A vehicle of mind and soul. The audience perceives the vibration of sound, the most sublime resonance of the eardrum to the brain. Music is out of our intellect to the heart center.

I am not an “expert” music. I am a lover of music … A discoverer, explorer. Music for me is “potential”. Pure I can do with it. I can communicate with him. Sometimes, if I am open, it surprises me and I move away from myself. Music is a friend, a companion, a guide and a teacher. A challenge, a landscape, a range of colors, textures, shapes. Music is a structure, harmony or dissonance agreed upon.

Music is a culture of all origins; It is the identity and belonging. It is history and invention. Music remembers and forgets. Music is symmetry, rebellion, genius, prodigy, mastery, virtuoso, dazzling, breathing, spell and extraordinary.

A pause for a while to “think” these sounds harp, clarinet, timbal, xylophone, violin, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, sitar, oboe, flute … All of them are very different, but they can be in “listen” to our Head, thinking about them. Then think about the individual styles of different composers – Bach or Debussy, for example. We can make the difference between Vivaldi, Couperin and Telemann – and they also have unique “sounds”. But what led them to compose? How could Mozart play with such brilliance at the age of four? What created Miles Davis? These are the deepest questions that remain unanswered.

Other questions should be asked: what is wind, or a trickle trickle? Can this also be a form of music? A car slamming, baby crying, footprints, whispers, a crackling wood fire, animal sounds, city sounds, bar conversations, the roar of a football crowd, a familiar voice, ocean, The song of the birds in the early morning … are these sounds of music to the ears?

How did the music feel? Does not it make you wistful? Which leads you to your inner landscape? How a musical weapon can she talk


End to fighting would not make hockey a safer game

End to fighting would not make hockey a safer game

As the owner of most of the Halifax Mooseheads of the minor league hockey league in Quebec, I am responsible for 23 young men playing for our team. I strive to ensure that our players reach their potential as players, have access to the grants when they leave the QMJHL and participate in such a secure league of elite hockey league.

The recent success of Moosehead players, four players selected in the top ten picks in the last three NHL projects demonstrates our commitment to the development of our players.

Each graduate receives Halifax Moosehead QMJHL and our club scholarships to fully pay for your tuition, lodging and meals and books at any university in Canada. This academic year, we offer scholarships to the last 21 graduate Mooseheads.

As for the safety of our players, I have less control than I do about our hockey development programs or scholarships. Elite hockey, played in junior high school or professional level, is a fast paced and physical game.

In recent years, commentators advocate elimination fights in professional junior hockey and lead. The elimination of combat rules or passages that severely limit the occurrence of bouts in large minor hockey would be the most dangerous game for our players.

I am a hockey fan for five decades. My summary of the three-year hockey game at OHL and 15 years at the NHL. I spent five years as Phoenix Coyotes head of the NHL and 13 years with the Mooseheads Halifax. During my hockey time, I can not think of two other credible voices to address the issue of fighting Bobby Orr and Jarome Iginla.

Bobby Orr spent a long part of his last autobiography merits of the fight against hockey. Orr said there is an important role to play in professional level hockey. It considers that “professional level” is “all the most professional ranks the highest levels of Canadian junior hockey.” He thinks: “But I would say it was the place of the fight against hockey. I think, especially at the professional level, you should be responsible for your actions, and the threat of a fight I can achieve this.

Highly skilled teammates such as Mats Naslund in Montreal and Mike Modano Minnesota were able to show their considerable talent because opponents knew that there was a price to pay to reach a star player.

Jarome Iginla echoes the position of Bobby Orr: “The fight that players responsible for their actions on the ice,” he said, wrote in an article published in the magazine Sports Illustrated in 2013.

“Ice actions” that worry me are those that increase the likelihood of a traumatic spinal cord injury or make concussions more frequent. I conducted a thorough investigation of the academic literature on concussions in hockey and it is informative.

A 2013 study titled Body Rules and Concussion in Elite Hockey has tried to determine whether the new NHL contact rule was effective in reducing the appearance of extortion.

The study analyzed over 1,410 games in NHL 30 randomly selected weeks between 2009-10 and 2011-12 seasons. We found that 8.8 concussion or suspected suspects were performed during 100 sets of NHL. Of these injuries, 0.8 of a concussion during 100 sets were adjudicated to combat and the other eight were caused by various means, the most common of which were “bodychecking with head contact” and “bodychecking contact with head” .

The study revealed that he was more likely to suffer a concussion by hitting the face of a disc for a player’s bouts.

It is clear that we could immediately eliminate 0.8 of the fight games by 100 if the fight was banned from the NHL. But if Bobby Orr, Jarome Iginla and common sense are to believe that eliminating the fighting will lead to the most terrible and dangerous actions for the ice. The other eight concussions of 100 games are going up, perhaps spectacularly.

Many mid-sized fighters fighting in the 2009-2012 period are no longer on the NHL’s charts, so it is unrealistic to think that these numbers are lower than today’s shocks. In addition, currently third or NHL game, a player has the option of wanting or not accepting an invitation to fight. No one asked permission before being blinded or beaten from behind.



Police release violent racist attack footage to find thugs responsible

Police in the UK published these shocking images of an innocent man attacked by a gang of violent thugs.
A closed-circuit television movie from a bar in Enfield shows that three men attacked 47, causing multiple injuries, including rib fractures.
Police released images of the incident, which took place in February this year, in the hope that members of the public will communicate information.

The victim had been sitting in the anonymous pub pub just before midnight, when the three attackers approached and began to abuse racial violence.
Seconds later, one of the men grabbed the victim and slammed it shut against a table. Other men may seem to hunt at various points before leaving the pub.

Despite her injuries, the victim was able to return home and call an ambulance.
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Come 2018, CBSE will conduct Class 10, Class 12 board exam in February

With the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) taking significant steps in the revaluation process of the Class 12 exams, the Board has recently announced to carry out the revision of the Class 10 and Class 12 board one month before the next year.

This means that CBSE will conduct the Board review in February instead of March.

Why change the old practice of the board?

As TOI reported, the Board took this action to advance the cycle of reviews and related activities from 2018-19 as part of the reforms focused on an “evaluation error.”


In addition, CBSE said that the comprehensive review by the Board review would terminate within a set period of time, 45 days
In general, the board begins class 10 and class 12 exams during the first week of March and ends in April in between.
Speaking about the decision, CBSE President R K Chaturvedi, when speaking to TOI, said he also advanced the date of the statement of results, which usually takes place around the third or fourth week of May.

This is what the president said:

“The inaccesions should start around February 15 and also plan to complete in one month.” Otherwise, it was a head-to-head affair, the president told YOU.

“In April, vacations start and experienced teachers are not available.Therefore, the progress of the evaluation in mid-March will ensure that the best teachers check the response scripts.Otherwise, in April during the holidays, Schools offer us temporary, ad hoc and newly appointed teachers for the evaluation exercise that experienced teachers do not enforce, “said Chaturvedi.


CBSE in the process of re-evaluation:

As for the students’ complaints about evaluation errors in their 12 CBSE class has established two Tuesday committees to study gaps in the evaluation procedure.

“The Board made a quick decision to establish two committees composed of senior officials to discuss issues related to the evaluation process followed,” a senior CBSE official said in the recent PTI report.



The members of Algiers set out to make an album for a world that’s divided, unsettled and in constant flux. Fortunately, so are they.

Each working group of musicians has their own history of origin, ranging from family friendship – interference in a garage, someone answering an ad – random and unusual. The story of how the Pet Shop Boys got together – by chance in a high-fidelity shop in London, as they sail separately – makes a particularly delighted example. The Algiers group might have one of the most unexpected stories of all: as explained by one of the members, everything did not begin until before they knew each other, but before each of them existed individually.

“It is likely that we can return to my birth and Ryan births, because our mothers were friends before they were born,” said Lee Tesche. “We’ve made music together for probably about 20 years.”

Tesche talk on the phone from Atlanta, the closest in your group to a hometown thing. Deep roots, Algiers also distance and disagreement woven into your DNA. In an independent call from the UK, where he lived for a few years, Ryan Mahan is trying to be a bit more specific.

“Actually, the group basically got together in 2012,” he said, specifically pointing out the day a small Indie South released the group’s first single. Before that, they divided us: we were exploring our own musical and political spaces, and trying to understand how it would work. This reality did not form until Franklin laid the foundation for ‘Blood’ and he entered the world. ”

Joining the conversation in New York, Franklin Fisher listened to Mahan set his schedule. When asked if he was well, he laughed and replied, “No, but that’s what makes this group interesting. We’ve gone through a lot of changes and phases that any group that recorded the most records for many years.”

Exactly when and where Algiers started may be less important than where it ended. Founded as a trio of Atlanta residents, it is now four musicians living in three cities on two continents, separated by a huge ocean. On June 23, Matador Records released their second album, Bottom of the Power, a critical work policy that is being constructed and reorganized by the aggressive punishment of 80 Italian horror soundtracks of modern hip-hop and R & B, Cinema, literature, current events and ongoing tragedies, all designed as national policies on both sides of the Atlantic were in a state of turmoil. If there is anything in their history that the members agree on, it is that the group – the name of The Battle of Algiers, 1960 film about an anticolonial uprising – has always appreciated the collective instinct, where there is definite vision n.

From the outside, there is at least one moment in Algiers history that crucial test: to 2008, in Atlanta, where Tesche and Mahan began playing in bands as teenagers. Fisher also active on stage, was common in his performances, and creative power had begun to move between the three. Then the circumstances have changed.


Franklin Fisher.
Photo: Courtesy of the artist / Illustration: Sarah Gonzales NPR
“Ryan and Frank were willing to move abroad to pursue higher education,” Tesche said. “I was still in Atlanta.I think at this point, I decided not to play music, because it was always a difficult experience to do things creatively with a lot of people and then they do it separately. [But] Ryan and Frank really wanted to Keep making the music when they left the city and tried to catch me. They had an idea of the primordial ethics of all these things, and even the sounds went.

As the three began to work remotely, it became evident that a certain discipline was necessary to transform their sounds and statements of ideas. Mahan said, making “Black Eunuch,” B’s side of “Blood” and one of his first songs, showed a way to get there was to simply take action.

“If you look at the line of notes, it’s like” Well, Frank is the singer, Ryan is on the bass and synthesizers “- but failed and Franklin took it and developed it further, then I threw a chorus, and It developed organically, “says Mahan. “We feel comfortable as individuals to build even bigger demonstrations and share them with the rest of the group, and know that there will be little judgment, number two, there will be little me and the third, another person can do something.



10 Important Hockey Rules

A youth hockey coach does not want to put players on ice until they become familiar with hockey rules. This will promote a safe playing environment.

USA Hockey rules demand that coaches do not strengthen focus, but they teach hockey skills and instruct players to play by the rules. Here are 10 important American hockey rules make sure that young people learn the sport:

Keep the stick. It all starts with a beginner player for the proper development of a hockey stick. The use by a player of his hockey stick is limited to playing the disc and not having an unfair advantage against an opponent’s body. The club can not be used to prevent the progress of another player.

Broken stick. A player with a broken stick should fall and remain on the ice without a stick until there is a break from play. You can take part in the action once you dropped the stick. A minor penalty will be imposed for a violation of this hockey rule. During a game stop, an attacker or defender may go to the bank to get a replacement stick, but the goalkeeper must have a replacement stick.

Different sanctions. A penalty of two minutes or minor bank, while a major penalty is five minutes. One sentence of misconduct over a period of 10 minutes, however, unlike other penalties, a replacement player is immediately allowed on the ice while serving. A Party penalty means that the player is eliminated from the game and draw a suspension. During a penalty, the maximum number of players on a team may be down is two. A delayed sanction, which is served after the execution of other sanctions, is used when additional sanctions are imposed on a team.

Combat. Do not let your players make professional player mistakes. A major penalty will be assessed for any player fighting for a youth hockey game. An additional minor penalty will evaluate any player who starts or starts the bout. A penalty for misconduct will be imposed on any player or goalkeeper who is the first to intervene in an altercation that is already in progress.

High resistance pen. The use of a hockey stick above normal shoulder height is prohibited and subject to penalty.

Fold target. The purpose of the fold is a privileged area for goalkeepers and players can not load or check the hay. A goalkeeper, meanwhile, can not make a trip, reduce or throw another player near the goal.


Illegal check Coaches youth check insurance. There is no check behind an opponent, using the end of the end of the stick or check with both hands on the stick when no part of the stick on the ice.

Face Off. One player on each team is a shock. No other player will be allowed to enter the fighting circle during a showdown.

Get a hockey kick. Kick the disc will be allowed in all areas; However, a goal is not allowed if the disc has been thrown by an attacking player and entered the goal, either directly or after being diverted to any player including the goalkeeper.

Outside the sides. Players of an attacking team must not precede the disc in the attack zone. However, a player who actually drives and possession and control the disc crosses the line before the disc is considered outboard. A garden crime takes a confrontation.



Video footage shows officer fatally shooting Philando Castile

Recently released video shows the encounter between the police and Castile Philando during a traffic stop just before Castilla received seven shots, reported the Washington Post.

What appears to be a spiral brake routine out of control in the second student officer that Castile was in legal possession of a firearm. Previously, the only sequence of the incident public incident came out of the bride of Castile, Diamond Reynolds, who filmed the incident with his mobile phone through Facebook live moments after the shooting of Castilla.

“Sir, I must say I have a gun in me,” Castilla said in the new video, only 30 seconds into the game.

Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez responded with “OK” as he moved toward his gun. “It’s not enough then,” he said. Castile and then told the officer that he did not fire his gun.

“Do not withdraw,” said Yanez. “Do not withdraw” he shouted then pulled his pistol from its sheath and reached the car. “I am not!” Castile replied, while Yanez fired in the car seven seconds after learning that Castile legally carried a firearm.

Last week, Yáñez was acquitted of all charges by a jury, after which thousands of people took to the streets of Minnesota to protest against the decision. According to the Post, Castilla was one of 963 people killed by security forces last year.

“The details of the recording were made public in the court documents and during the trial, but were not publicly visible in the same way as the Facebook Reynolds viral sequences. The video of” script-cam “does not clearly show the movements of Castile Inside the car, “the post said. Two seconds after the shooting, the four-year-old daughter of Castile get out of the car.



SSC SI, ASI, CAPFs Paper I exam 2017 to begin on July 1, download admit card now

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) announced Wednesday that it will review paper I for the hiring of the Delhi Police sub-inspectors and assistant sub-inspectors central Industrial Security Force (FISC) and the Central Armed Police Forces of July 1 to July 7.

In the notification issued in April for its examination, the examination was to take place from 30 June to 7 July.

The commission also recommended that applicants in the notice to download their electronic admission cards on the websites of regional offices.

Opinion outline

The examination will consist of two documents: Paper Paper I and II.

The document will last for 1 hour and two will cover 200 points. This is divided into four parts with 50 points each: 1) Part A: General Intelligence and Reasoning 2) Part B: General knowledge and general knowledge 3) Part C: quantitative ability 4) Part D: understanding of English.

Paper II should be reviewed on 8 October.

Document II will last two hours and will cover 200 points for English language and comprehension questions. The questions in this document will test the understanding and knowledge of the English language by the candidate and is based on the recognition of error, filling the spaces (using verbs, prepositions, articles, etc.) vocabulary, spelling, grammar, The structure of the sentence, synonyms, antonyms, fulfilled the sentence, idiomatic phrases and the use of words, understanding, etc.

The questions in the two documents will be multiple choice objective type. Questions will be in Hindi and English in parts A, B and C of I. There will be a negative marked 0.25 points for each incorrect answer in both documents.

The Commission reserves the right to add an additional level to the examination scheme. Different minimum acceptable standards can be established in each of the paper I.

Those who erase the paper that should appear in the physical / medical endurance test. Only those who remove the PET / PST and the corresponding medical authorization will appear in document II.